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Physical  Emotional  Intellectual
by Cycletourist
Welcome to my free biorhythms chart program.  Fill in the form (below) and click on Biochart to view your two month biochart presented in a fine, color graphics format, ideal for printing. 
You can also view a yearly Critical Days Map; a unique feature that displays your critical days for an entire year.  Fill in the form as usual, but click on Critical Days Map (or start here).  This feature is not available anywhere else.  I hope you find it useful!
To read the history and description of biorhythm charts and a guide on how to interpret and use them, click here. (Note: To obtain a plain text chart, click here.)
In order to make the chart more suitable for printing, there are minimal navigation buttons on that page.  Click on the title "•Biochart•" at the top of the chart to return to this page.  The chart also has Next and Previous buttons under the graph to allow you to go forward or backward two months.
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Note:   You can also select Lunar Cycles to display the phases of the moon on the horizontal axis.
=new moon  =first quarter  =full moon  =last quarter

 Create a Biochart 
Enter name, birth date, the date for the chart to begin, and the number of months to chart. Do not abbreviate years.  For example, the year 60 is 60 A.D.  Time zone is only used for lunar cycles.
I hope you like my biorhythm charts. I believe they are the most comprehensive and useful charts on the Internet, providing two months at a time in a colorful graphic format that is easy to change forward and back (and they include accurate lunar cycles).
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I like providing this service for free, ... but if you enjoy these charts, ... if you find yourself visiting often, ... consider taking the time to drop me a note.
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Annual Critical Days Map
Physical  Emotional  Intellectual
I have made upgrades to the chart, adding more numbered day indicators across top and bottom for better readability.  More significantly, I have added colored lines to clearly indicate critical days. These lines can be made visible or invisible by clicking the color legend (above) at the bottom of your chart.
Some common misspellings of biorhythm are - biorythm, biorhythem, bio rhythm
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