On a road in the woods above farmland in the Austrian voralps near Gaming.  My bicycling map indicated that there was a 24% grade on this stretch of road, so I'd gone around it.  Still, when I got to the other side, my curiosity got the better of me and I rode about 6 kms back up to see what that kind of grade felt like.  It was only a short stretch so it did not seem too hard.  Still, I was standing up in my lowest gear.  A kilometer or so later I leaned my bike against the bridge railing in the background and revived myself before I turned back down to my original route. 

On the way down I overestimated my braking power (underestimated my speed? both?) and nearly went off the road at a curve just below the 24% descent.  I continued on through Gaming and spent the night at a campingplatz in Lunz am See.  This is very beautiful country (sehr schön). 

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Pshew, that was rough!